Virtual Reality Safety Training Solutions For Worker Safety

Our Virtual Reality Training for Industry 4.0 revolutionizes workplace safety by immersing trainees in realistic scenarios, fostering better understanding of standard operating procedures (SOPs).  Schedule Free Demo Now

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Complete Virtual Reality Training for Worker Health & Safety

Simbott’s VR Safety Training Modules are integrated with Virtual Reality (VR) Technology to give a digital experience that helps you acquire specialized safety skills in the industry all from the safety and comfort of virtual reality (VR) Technology. Improve workforce safety training and performance to reach Industry 4.0 Standards and beyond.

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Benefits Of Virtual Reality Safety Training Solutions

  1. Enhanced Safety Preparedness: Virtual reality allows workers to practice handling dangerous situations in a controlled environment, improving their reflexes and decision-making skills.
  2. Increased Retention: Workers can engage in repetitive practice sessions without risk, leading to better retention of safety protocols and procedures.
  3. Realistic Immersion: VR provides a lifelike experience, making training more impactful and memorable.
  4. Compliance Understanding: Workers gain a deeper understanding of safety standards like HIRA and OSHA through immersive VR simulations.
  5. Cost-Efficient and Accessible: VR training eliminates the need for expensive setups and can be accessed remotely, saving costs and time.

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Industrial VR Safety Training Modules

  • Detailed understanding of the responsibilities as machine operators as well as the hazards of working with different types of heavy equipment like lathes, conveyor belts, and metal stamping machines etc.
  • Ensure a high level of safety training on various procedures like, welding, grinding, drilling operations. The VR safety software includes detailed inspections, familiarization of Health and Safety Training standards
  • Virtual Reality Safety Training aims to educate authorized personnel on the safe use of forklift equipment. It touches on the fundamentals of this equipment, pre-use and walk-around inspection requirements, operating procedures, and forklift maintenance, all of which meet OSHA compliance on forklift operator training requirements. 
  • With a VR based safety training module, the worker discovers ways to safely maneuver overhead cranes and lower or lift loads. Its lessons cover health and safety (HSE) training standards relating to the use of overhead cranes, the importance of pre-operational equipment inspection, and preventive maintenance procedures.
  • VR safety training solutions are not only effective but saves costs and improves worker productivity. Ensuring safe behaviors, identifying at-risk conditions and demonstrating safe work practices through an effectively designed VR safety program is the recipe for sustained success.
  • VR Technology is literally a game-changer in the field of Electrical training. It also delivers on greater engagement, is more emotionally connected and makes learners more confident about the skills learned the VR way.

Virtual Reality Health & Safety Training Modules

  • VR Working at Heights training focuses on ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both practical and theoretical foundations. Participants will be dropped into an immersive jobsite and asked to conduct an in-depth hazard detection module. They will access the risks stemming from these hazards and provide answers on how to implement correct control measures. 
  • In the long term, virtual reality safety training  will become the norm and VR headsets will be sent to offices to support training and career goals for workers. They can take VR safety training that helps increase their abilities, on demand, at the point of need and at their convenience across the nation.
  • Hazards at the workplace remain a significant occupational health and safety issue across all industries. There could be risk either personal or collective, if not addressed in time could yield in major mishap. Furthermore, if workers lack skills to identify hazards, it multiplies up the risk quotient. This can be tackled using Virtual Reality based training on hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) techniques to create a safe place, plant, equipment and most importantly a safe person.
  • Virtual reality has the added benefit of being an effective stopgap between our e-learning and our live hands-on learning. Outcomes of Risk Assessment HIRA Training Virtual Reality Module: 
    • Define Hazards and Risks 
    • Understanding the importance of HIRA 
    • Classifications of HIRA
    • Handling Hazards and reporting 
    • Following Hierarchy of risk controls 
    • Responsibility of the worker for HIRA
  • Sewerage Inspection Exercise: The student plays the role of a prevention officer. Trainees must monitor an operator during the inspection of a sewerage. The user must read the work authorization, select PPEs, make necessary measurements and ensure that the operator entering the confined space does so safely.
  •  Risk Assessment of site : The user performs the necessary checks for the operator and takes care of him throughout the process of entering, inspecting, and leaving the confined space.

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Our Virtual Reality Safety Training Modules

VR Safety Training For Fire Safety

Elevate your fire safety protocols with our immersive VR Safety Training for Fire Safety. Our cutting-edge solution allows trainees to navigate realistic fire scenarios, fostering a deep understanding of emergency procedures. By practising in a virtual environment, individuals gain the skills and confidence needed to respond effectively, ensuring a safer workplace.

Fire Safety Training In Virtual reality

Work At Height VR Safety Training

Transform your work-at-height safety training with our Work At Height Virtual Reality Safety Training. This comprehensive program utilizes virtual reality to simulate elevated workspaces, allowing trainees to practice safety protocols in a risk-free environment. By immersing participants in realistic scenarios, we reduce real-world risks associated with work at heights, ensuring they are well-prepared for any challenges.

Work At Height Virtual Reality Training

Confined Space Safety Training VR

Safely navigate confined spaces with our Confined Space VR Safety Training. This program goes beyond traditional training methods by immersing workers in challenging confined space scenarios. Through realistic simulations, trainees develop the skills and confidence required for safe confined space entry, contributing to a safer work environment.

Confied Space VR Safety Training

Electrical Safety Training VR

 Mitigate electrical hazards with our VR Safety Training for Electrical Safety. By immersing trainees in virtual electrical environments, we provide a hands-on approach to understanding and implementing proper safety procedures. This interactive training ensures that workers are well-equipped to identify and mitigate electrical risks effectively.

electrical safety vr training

VR Machine Gaurding Training

Enhance machine safety awareness with our VR Machine Guarding Training. This program utilizes virtual reality to simulate machine interactions, allowing trainees to gain a deeper understanding of safety protocols. By practicing in a virtual environment, individuals develop the skills necessary to prevent accidents and ensure a safer workplace.

Virtual reality machine guarding safety training

VR Safety Trainng For Optical Fiber Laying

Optimize safety in optical fiber laying with our VR Safety Training for Optical Fiber Laying. Our virtual reality solution simulates realistic scenarios, allowing workers to practice safe installation practices in a controlled environment. This training minimizes risks associated with optical fiber installations, ensuring a secure and efficient work environment.

Immersive learning in employee safety training & SOP's - optical fiber safety

VR Defensive Driving Training

Enhance safety on the road with our VR Defensive Driving Safety Training. Our virtual reality solution offers immersive simulations that allow drivers to practice defensive driving techniques in realistic scenarios. By experiencing various road hazards and challenges in a controlled environment, drivers can improve their hazard recognition skills and better prepare for unexpected situations on the road.


What is Virtual Reality Safety Training?

Virtual Reality Safety Training is an educational method that utilizes virtual reality technology to simulate hazardous scenarios to teach individuals safety protocols and procedures. By immersing participants in realistic virtual environments, such as fire emergencies or chemical spills, through specialized goggles or headsets, they can experience and learn how to respond effectively to various safety hazards. This training method provides a hands-on, interactive learning experience, allowing individuals to practice safety skills in a safe and controlled environment.

For example, in a virtual fire drill, you wear goggles and see a fake fire in a virtual building. You learn how to escape safely. It’s like playing a video game but teaches you important safety skills. You can also learn about wearing safety gear like helmets or gloves in virtual environments. This type of training helps people understand safety better because they feel like they’re actually in dangerous situations, even though they’re safe in the real world.


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VR Safety Training Modules costs depends on the type of module for development. Get the best rate and affordable VR software based safety training module available at Simbott.

It ensures a safe, secure work environment. There have been various accidents and loss of humans because of non-standard, unsafe working culture. It is using health and safety training enabled with technology, organizations and training institutes are performing Health and Safety Training. It helps employees to understand various dangerous scenarios and guided steps to be followed in case of such real life situations. Check Simbott VR Safety Training to know more.

VR Road Safety training uses virtual reality (VR) technology to provide real-world scenarios that simulate dangerous roadway conditions.

It gives firefighters, police officers, and other public safety personnel with immersive learning environments to better understand how their decisions impact traffic safety.

Utilizing a variety of simulated realistic road hazards and traffic conflicts in first-person mode, the program’s goal is for participants to understand techniques for safe driving practices under diverse conditions, thus making our roads safer for everyone.

With its high-tech visuals and engaging situations, VR Road Safety Training is revolutionizing how people understand and interact with roadway hazards – allowing for more effective and efficient driving lessons.

Virtual Reality Training for Workplace Safety uses immersive simulations to educate employees on safety protocols and hazards. It recreates real-world scenarios, allowing hands-on practice without actual risks. This innovative approach enhances safety awareness, preparedness, and response, ensuring a safer work environment for employees.

Virtual Reality PPE Safety Training utilizes immersive technology to simulate hazardous scenarios, enabling trainees to practice wearing and using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a realistic environment. By experiencing potential risks firsthand, individuals gain practical skills and heightened awareness, ensuring effective PPE usage and enhancing workplace safety protocols.

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