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We’re a leading manufacturer and supplier, specializing in VR, AR, and industrial training for welding mastery. Train your students or team to acquire welding skills quickly and with precision using our simulators. See it in action – book a free demo now!

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Skill Development and Digitization

With our VR AR training and simulations, you can ensure a highly specialized and result-oriented production process. Work with us to create better standards in your workforce, and take your employee efficiency to the next level.

Futuristic AR, VR, MR Simulations

Use our tools to develop cutting-edge skill development and transform your training processes. We offer effortless and immersive learning experiences for all your production needs.

Industry 4.0 Technology & Solutions

Simbott’s Skill Development integrated with Industry To give you a comprehensive view of all your training programs, tests, and evaluations. Improve workforce performance to reach the Industry 4.0 Standards

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In the brochure, you’ll find all our Welding Training Simulator features, models & all the details you need to know!

Our Welding Simulators

Virtual Reality Welding Simulator

Immerse yourself in the future of welding with Simbott’s VR Welding Simulator. Perfect your VR welding skills, including GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and GTAW, in an exhilarating and groundbreaking training environment

Simbott Augemented Realiy Welding Training

Augmented Reality Weld Simulator

Dive into the future of welding with Simbott’s Augmented Reality Welding System. Perfect your welding techniques with an immersive AR experience covering GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and GTAW in a revolutionary training setting.

Simbott Industrial Welding Simulator

Simbott Industrial Package

Our simulator is tailored for diverse industrial applications including automotive, aviation, railway, and oil & gas industries. With comprehensive training modules, users can hone their welding skills for specific industry demands, ensuring readiness for the exacting standards of these sectors.

Benefits Of Using Our Welding Training Simulator

Cost-effective training

Our simulators allow trainees to practice without the expense of materials, equipment, or other resources

Enhanced safety

With a virtual environment, trainees can practice welding techniques without the risk of physical injury or equipment damage.

Realistic experience

Simulators provide a realistic welding experience, including varying material thicknesses and welding positions, replicating real-world conditions

Immediate feedback

Trainees receive instant feedback on their performance, allowing them to correct their technique and improve their skills

Increased efficiency

Simulators can be used to train multiple individuals simultaneously, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional training methods.


Our simulator can be customized to replicate specific welding scenarios or environments, providing trainees with targeted training to meet their unique needs.

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Download the document for more details. Contact us on +91 9920777204 or business@simbott.com for immediate support.

Simbott VR Spray Painting Simulator

Simbott Spray Painting Simulator is a cutting-edge paint simulator that empowers artists with a digital canvas for unleashing their creativity. With realistic colour blending, texture options, and brush effects, it provides a dynamic platform for experimentation and artistic expression, catering to both professionals and hobbyists in the digital art world.

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Customize VR, AR and MR Software Development

Invest in upgrading critical skills and talent with Immersive VR, AR, MR Training to build a smart organization.

Skill Development and Digitization

Simbott’s  Simulator delivers specialized training that enhances workforce efficiency, resulting in improved production processes.

Futuristic AR, VR, MR Weld Simulations

Simbott’s Simulator Benefit includes state-of-the-art AR, VR, and MR simulations, revolutionizing skill development and training processes. Our tools provide seamless, immersive learning experiences tailored to your production requirements.

Industry 4.0 Technology & Solutions

Simbott’s Simulator elevates industry training by integrating Industry 4.0 technology, enhancing workforce performance for Industry 4.0 standards.

Meet Team Simbott

We work hard, so you can train smart.

SIMBOTT leads the way as a pioneering welding training simulator company in India, offering a revolutionary digital experience. Our advanced VR development software and training tools enable specialized vocational training in welding and spray painting techniques. Dive into a safe and immersive learning environment, all from the comfort of your own space

We’re bringing the art of welding and spray painting into the 21st century!

Decades ago, our company’s forefathers sparked the idea of forever changing the welding industry, and SIMBOTT is here to continue that great legacy, but with a focus on modernity, affordability, innovation, and virtual technology. Today, we are a premier VR development company. We provide complete AR/VR/MR Software development to all the industries.

Eco-friendly Innovation

SIMBOTT is not only safe, affordable and innovative – it’s also eco-friendly. We reduce your overhead on raw materials, while increasing your certification success rate.

100% No-complaint Rate

As your partners in progress of digital trade training, we provide access to an extensive archive of professional guidance as well as customer care services.

Globalising Trade Skills

Our VR Technology brought to you by virtual reality (VR) app developers have created a seamless digital experience that brings the gap between tradesman and the manufacturing industry, making it globally accessible.


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Yes, Simbott offers both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) welding training simulators to cater to different user preferences and training needs. Whether you prefer the immersive experience of VR or the interactive overlay of AR, our simulators provide cutting-edge technology to enhance your welding training. Contact us to learn more about the features and capabilities of each simulator and determine which option best suits your requirements.

Simbott’s Weld Simulator caters to a wide range of industries, including automotive, oil and gas, shipyard, factory, aviation, and railway. Each industry has specific welding requirements, and our simulator is designed to address the unique challenges faced in each sector.

In simple terms, a VR Welding Training Simulator creates a completely digital world where users wear special goggles to practice welding. They’re fully immersed in this virtual environment, unable to see the real world around them. On the other hand, an Augmented Reality (AR) Welding Training Simulator adds digital elements to the user’s view of the real world using devices like smartphones or AR glasses.

With AR, users can still see their surroundings while digital welding simulations are overlaid onto their view. Both provide hands-on training but in different ways, depending on whether you want a fully digital experience (VR) or a mix of digital and real-world elements (AR).

Download Welding Simulator Brochure

In a brochure, you’ll find all our welding simulator features, models & all the details that you want to know!

Download Brochure

In brochure you’ll find all our Augmented Reality Welding Simulator features, models & all the details that you need know!

Download Brochure

Explore our welding simulator’s many uses and industrial packages in our informative brochure

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