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Simbott: Aircraft maintenance simulator

Simbott is a revolutionary aircraft maintenance simulator that can help flight teams to reduce their downtime and costs associated with maintenance.

It allows users to practice replacing parts, running diagnostics, and performing all other aspects of aircraft maintenance in a controlled environment before transferring these skills to an actual aircraft.

With Simbott, flight teams can test new strategies without disrupting an active flight line, improve safety through proper training and testing before committing repairs on the tarmac, and sharpen their overall abilities.

Simbott provides a perfect platform for those eager to stay ahead of the curve when working on the latest aircraft technologies. Contact us today to learn more about our aircraft maintenance simulator! 

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Aircraft Maintenance Simulator Features

Enhance the skill levels of all your workers, from engineers to technicians – we bring you the best platforms to Empower your Workforce to set new standards of excellence in the industry.

Manufacturing and Design

An aircraft maintenance simulator provides a fully immersive environment that simulates the look and feel of a real aircraft maintenance hangar. The simulation can include various types of aircraft, engines, and parts.


The simulator includes modelling various aircraft systems, such as electrical, hydraulic, and fuel systems, allowing technicians to interact with and manipulate different components.

  • Enable visualization and interaction with aircraft CAD geometry by providing an environment identical to the physical mockup of the aircraft using the concept of an Immersive Digital Twin. 
  • Use Simbott’s VR tech to verify the design process and make it more efficient, and make your manufacturing process far more productive.

The physics engine of the simulator is designed to accurately simulate the behaviour of various aircraft systems, such as fluid flow, pressure, and temperature.

Remote Maintenance of Aircraft

  • Create an Immersive Digital Twin of the aircraft and its components. Superimpose this virtually on the actual aircraft and provide details about the components.
  • Easily identify any problem and the required maintenance to fix it.  Customize our tech to best suit your training and skill development needs for an impeccable immersive experience. 
  • The Immersive Digital Twin provides real time updates on the status of all the machinery and components on board. This is read and continually analysed by flight engineers. 
  • In case of any emergency or problem detected by the engineers, receive immediate assistance and feedback. 
  • Troubleshoot your system with our VR solutions –  track the entire procedure and components of your aircraft. Detect an error whenever and wherever it occurs, immediately.
  • Resolve the issues quickly and effectively without having to delay the flight and thereby avoid staying grounded. 

Learning and Training

  • Provide basic to professional level knowledge of aerospace and aviation engineering to the studetnts, and ensure that the people who work on your project can visualize the end product.
  • Make sure your employees understand basic concepts of propulsion technology, turbines, aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.
  • With Simbott VR technology, create an environment that is very detailed – a replica of the environment that the operators will work in. Operators can gauge the environment that they shall be working in by interacting with the system
  • Revel in the benefit of saving capital as it is much more cost-efficient to conduct all training without actually having to put your aircraft in the air.
  • With VR tech from Simbott, enable visualization to assist in the learning of concepts like airflow, CFD analysis, propulsion technology, turbine blade design and efficiency, etc. Understand how aerofoil shapes are developed and how they behave at varying speeds and in varying conditions (normal and turbulent)
  • Keep conducting research on how to improve efficiency by decreasing drag coefficient. Make aerodynamic advancements, improve cooling by directing airflow efficiently over the engines, make the surface shape more streamlined. 

Emergency Handling Training

  • Facilitate training of in-flight personnel in multiple  situations to assist the passengers by creating an Immersive Digital twin to replicate the flight environment. 
  • Superimpose the structure of the cabin virtually to train operators in opening the doors, learn how to exit the cabin through multiple exits to facilitate evacuation. Train personnel in the use of emergency water basins, deploying of the slide towers in case of fire with specially developed modules by firefighters.
  • Prepare your operators for all possible scenarios by recreating them virtually using an Immersive Digital Twin.
  • Study the eventualities of each scenario and train for them until the set goal is accomplished.

5 Benefits of using aircraft maintenance training simulator

One of the primary advantages of aircraft maintenance simulators is that they can help to reduce training costs. Aircraft maintenance simulators provide a realistic and safe environment for trainees to learn how to maintain aircraft. Using simulators, airlines and other organizations can save on fuel, planes’ wear and tear, and instructor salaries.

Aircraft maintenance simulators can also help to increase safety by providing a controlled environment where trainees can make mistakes without consequences. In the real world, making a mistake while working on an aircraft can be extremely dangerous. By using a simulator, trainees can learn how to perform maintenance tasks without putting themselves or others at risk.

Another advantage of aircraft maintenance simulators is that they can help to improve efficiency. In the real world, trainees can take a long time to become proficient at maintaining aircraft. This is because they must complete several tasks in a specific order and often troubleshoot problems as they arise. However, in a simulator, trainees can practice lessons repeatedly until they can meet them quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the above advantages, aircraft maintenance simulators offer enhanced training capabilities that are impossible in the real world. For example, some simulators allow trainees to experience different weather conditions or failure scenarios that would be too dangerous to recreate in the real world. This will enable trainees to be prepared for any situation they may encounter while working on an aircraft.

Finally, another benefit of aircraft maintenance simulators is that they can help to reduce maintenance costs. This is because simulators allow trainees to practice tasks on virtual aircraft before they can work on real ones. When they eventually work on a real plane, they are likely to avoid making mistakes that could result in damage or require repairs.

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An aircraft maintenance simulator is a training tool used in the aviation industry to help prepare pilots and aircraft mechanics for real-life scenarios they may encounter. 

It works by mimicking the inner workings of an aeroplane, enabling users to closely analyze every element of its structure and pinpoint potential issues as if they were working with a real aircraft. 

The simulator gives students hands-on practice with genuine aircraft parts, systems, machines, and processes—all in an environment that looks and behaves like an actual aircraft. 

Equipment was designed initially for use by airlines, military personnel, and other organizations and is now available to support smaller-scale training programs like flight schools and technical institutions. 

Aircraft maintenance simulators create an ideal learning experience for anyone seeking knowledge about how aeroplanes operate, allowing them to quickly gain the skills needed to manage a wide range of aviation tasks safely and efficiently.

The aircraft maintenance training simulator is a precious tool for aviation professionals. It offers a safe way for those working in this field to develop and hone their problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

The simulators mimic the environment a technician would find if they were performing maintenance on an aeroplane, allowing them to go through practice situations without fear of causing damage to expensive aircraft.

Using these high-tech tools, technicians can adequately prepare for real-world situations.

Furthermore, simulation technology is constantly developing and becoming more sophisticated than ever before; it ensures that aircraft maintenance remains professional and efficient.

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